Discover the memorable moments captured in photography by our Global Exposures travellers.

These amazing photography were all works by the participants from our Global Exposures Photography Workshop with Bobby Lee. Each of the traveller has captured something interesting out of the ordinary. Read their account of unique experiences in these exotic and remote destinations. Be inspired!



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"I have already joined Bobby on two of his photo workshops – to Iran and Cuba, both times I have really enjoyed. Travelling with Bobby is an entirely different experience. Other than learning a lot more about street photography from an incredibly patient and professional photographer, these trips encourage me to delve deeper into a destination through capturing stories of the local people on camera. I am looking forward to my next trip!"
By Alice Au

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"Value for money and eye-opening are the words that would precisely sum up my experience from the Cuba workshop with Bobby. And I am sure all my fellow participants felt the same.

We learnt everything from camera setting and the actual photo-shooting, to post processing and making prints. The workshop began with a one-on-one meeting with Bobby, yes, one-on-one so that he gets to know your shooting style and level. Believe it or not, we even did a workshop at the airport (no time wasted!) where we learnt about our cameras, the history of photography and of course about Leica. Before our shoot, Bobby would give pre-shooting advice on technique in street photography. Then back to the hotel, we had reviews, Lightroom tutorial and competition. When the trip was over, the workshop didn’t just end there, Bobby continued to teach us how to make use of Lightroom to enhance our photos, and not until after the Epson printing session, did we finally called it an end. A complete process. The best thing about this workshop is that, aside from photography, you got to enjoy good food and cosy accommodation, and above all, having Bobby to become your personal friend. An exceptionally enjoyable journey. This has been the most rewarding photography workshop I have ever attended."

By Ophelia Wong


"I am a photography amateur. Before the workshop, I did not even know how to operate my M. I was attracted to the workshop on two counts, my curiosity about Cuba and the reputation of the tutor, Bobby. I found the workshop most rewarding. Not only is Cuba a photographers' haven, the people are so friendly and everything is so colorful. The workshop was very well organized. I can assure you, you won't be disappointed by the good food (lobster and wine every night), comfortable accommodation, experienced guides and interesting stories about the country...and of course, your photos. Bobby, a true master in street photography. He is a living encyclopedia. We learned so much about cameras and photography, and even life lessons from him! We had good chats during the trip. The most important thing is that he can turn my rotten pictures into wonders and enhance my photographic skills to the next level. I feel much indebted to him. If you wish to join a once in a lifetime photography workshop, this is the one I would highly recommend to you. No brainer!"

By Mimi Ho

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"第一次參加攝影旅遊工作坊,我初衷以旅遊為主,攝影為副;有幸得到Bobby 及同行團友啟蒙,互相觀摩及切磋,亦多謝得到Bobby 的鼓勵!


By Quiney Pun

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