Discover a hidden treasure of Western Europe, covering the 3 significant neighboring states: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, which is also commonly known as the Benelux.

Right in the heart of Europe, Belgium is an interesting blend of exquisite medieval castles mixed with modern innovation, luscious chocolate and its beer specialties. At first glance, it is easy to overlook this small nation but there is more to Belgium; with its rich history, castles and art.

The Netherlands is all about the architecture, the blooms, the windmills and artistic masterpieces. With household names like Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer hanging on the walls of the world-renowned museums, it is no wonder that the art scene in Netherlands is at its peak. Relax while you sail along the beautiful canals or walking amongst the blooms, tulips and flower fields – it is literally heaven at your feet.

As the smallest state of the three, Luxembourg is holding its own against its neighboring big players and is one of Europe's wealthiest nations. In addition to the shopping malls and modern buildings of Luxembourg, wander deeper into the city and find gems of antiquated charm of the Old Town, medieval villages and hilltop castles.


Best Season

Mid-Apr to May; Sep to Mid-Oct

Benelux in Perspective
From HK$52,300/Adult
10 days
From HK$52,300/Adult
A European journey traveling through Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg: This trip is about to take you down the lane of ancient history and cultural sites of Europe, along with offering the fondness of the local European authenticity.
Charms of Holland
From HK$38,200/Adult
8 days
From HK$38,200/Adult
A destination of culture and innovation intertwined: The Netherlands is packed with a vast array of places to explore. Looking to explore urban and rural cycling, appreciate the canals and admire the extensive art history? Netherlands is definitely your destination to visit!