To say Poland has a tumultuous history is an understatement. It has always been caught in the warfare of superpowers; during WWII its capital Warsaw was nearly completely destroyed…Yet Poland is so proud of its heritage that it was rebuilt to its former glory. Today Warsaw is one of the EU's thriving new business centres.
However, the jewel is Krakow, the former and “cultural capital"; its centre is filled with historic buildings and, more recently, trendy pubs and art galleries. 
If you want to take time to detour from the historical sites of which many are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, take a journey through the Polish countryside which gives you a perfect impression of its landscape and people and enjoy some outdoor activities.

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June - Sep

Treasures of Poland
From HK$33,000/Adult
9 days
From HK$33,000/Adult

Poland is so proud of its heritage that it was rebuilt to its former glory so painstakingly that UNESCO listed many of its cities World Heritage sites! This trip takes you from Gdansk in the north by the Baltic Sea to Warsaw, its capital to the jewel of Poland, Krakow. You will also pass by Teutonic Knight’s castle and lovely small towns. Enjoy the natural beauty of Poland’s countryside and the spectacular Tatras Mountains at Zakopane! 

Poland Insight - Warsaw And Krakow (With Extension Option To Zakopane Or Masuria)
From HK$25,550/Adult
7 days
From HK$25,550/Adult

Get to know Warsaw and Krakow, the present and the former capitals of Poland. For nature and outdoor lovers, we offer two extensions to Masuria and Zakopane.