From churches and ancient ruins, mountains and forests to Black Sea beaches, Bulgaria is every traveller’s dream!
The Black Sea beaches are unmissable, especially in summer where one can try their hands on water sports. Hikers and mountaineers can also look to its diverse mountain ranges where one can not only enjoy a workout but also the rich landscape. Finally, in the heart of Bulgaria, countless beautiful architecture icons ranging from churches to monasteries and ancient ruins will delight you.

Best Season

Mar – May & Sep - Oct

The Best Kept Secrets Of Romania And Bulgaria Revealed
From HK$43,300/Adult
12 days
From HK$43,300/Adult

This tour offers travelers a chance to explore two different cultures in the Balkans which share the Danube River and the Black Sea. Romania and Bulgaria offer a perfect blend of Roman, French and Turkish culture, which are relatively unspoiled by mass-tourism.

Cruising the Danube

Captured in art, poetry and music, the Danube River is one of the world's most romantic waterways. At 1,780 miles long, the Danube is Europe’s longest river, flowing from west to east, from Germany through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Romania to the Black Sea. Sail down the River Danube and admire the subtle changes in the passing scenery.