Land of the samba, Brazil is dynamic, passionate and spontaneous. Beyond its façade of bustling cities, stunning beaches, the iconic Christ the Redeemer and the well-known Iguassu Falls and Amazon Forest – we delve deeper by going into urban slums for a true insider view of Rio, staying in historical boutique hotels called Pousadas, inviting you to an afternoon of Brazilian martial arts, Capoeira and taking you to local markets to learn about Bahian cuisine.

Best Season

All Year Round

Except when Rainy season affects northwest and Rio from Apr-Jul and South from Oct-Jan. 

Brazil’s Best
From HK$45,900/Adult
10 days
From HK$45,900/Adult

Rio, Salvador, Iguazu – this is the best of Brazil beyond the surface. Learn about Africa’s influence on Salvador through the martial art of Capoeira, have a different perspective of Rio walking into urban slums and joining the locals at Lapa by night. Stay right in the Iguazu National Park for the best experience of the falls.

Essence of South America - Brazil, Iguazu Falls and Peru
From HK$43,500/Adult
11 days
From HK$43,500/Adult

For the time-pressed traveller looking for a trip that best sums up South America – this is it. From the beautiful hedonistic waterfront city of Rio de Janeiro to the Iguazu falls – arguably the most beautiful water falls in the world – and ending off in Machu Picchu – the famous 15th century Inca site of Peru!