Inner Mongolia

Endless steppes, big open sky, Gobi Desert….Inner Mongolia is dream come through for anyone looking for the vast open power of nature!

This is also land of Genghis Khan and where the mysterious Lama religion dominates. Ride a horse through the grassland, stay in a traditional Mongolian yurt, and explore one of the world’s harshest deserts….

Best Season

Jun - Sep

Mongolian summers consists of long days and warm temperatures

Inner Mongolia - Grassland, Desert And Manchu Culture
From HK$11,200/Adult
5 days
From HK$11,200/Adult

Inner Mongolia has always been known for its vast grasslands.  Experience life in this beautiful country - horse riding and seeing sunrise in the grasslands, riding camels and enjoying sunset in the desert, tasting 'big meat' and drinking large bowls of wine with the nomads.