Empty white sand beaches, bewitching turquoise lagoons, colourful reefs and world-class diving, there’s a lot to love about the Lands of Paradise – South Pacific Islands.

Yet few realise that beyond the stunning beauty of South Pacific Islands, many boast a long heritage and culture.

An archipelago of more than 300 islands, Fiji's palm-lined beaches are dotted with charming British colonial architectures and Melanesian culture. Off the Chilean coast is the mysterious Easter Island, where beautifully-preserved Moai statues meet rugged steep cliffs.

French Polynesia's overwater bungalows have long charmed travellers, anchored by Mooréa's crystalline lagoons, Bora Bora's majestic 2,000-foot-high peak, Nuku Hiva's Jurassic Park-like landscape and Polynesian hospitality.

Adventure lovers will not be disappointed by the vast variety of activities ranging from ATV rides, jeep safaris, river rafting to parasailing and shark diving. Whatever your preference, there is a South Pacific island for you.

Best Season

May - Oct

Dry and pleasant climate

South Pacific Luxury Escapade
From HK$360,000/Adult
From HK$360,000/Adult
Head to some of the most beautiful and unique island escapes in the world! Your trip brings you to the heart of the South Pacific in Fiji, the equally breathtaking Tahiti and the unique Easter Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enhance your holiday experience, let us invite you on a private jet journey.