Located on the African Equator, where the savannahs of East Africa meet the rainforests of Central Africa, Uganda is relatively compact country –no larger than the UK or the US state of Oregon with a rich variety of terrain. 

The country’s ancient forests are full of rare bird species and endangered primates. On top of that, Uganda’s parks have none of the crowds that frequent the better known circuits of Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda also boasts the snowy peaks of Africa’s highest mountain range, the island-studded expanse of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, and the headwaters of the Nile River. The result is a uniquely varied safari destination with wildlife, scenery, adventure and culture all in one place. Uganda is also home to the endangered Gorilla and man’s closest cousins – Chimpanzees. 

Best Season

Dec-Mar & Jun-Sep

For the dry season

Primates Of Uganda - Pearl Of Africa
From HK$84,500/Adult
From HK$84,500/Adult

Uganda boasts an awesome landscape with dramatic mountain peaks, lush forest, lakes and open savannah. Go gorilla tracking in Bwindi National Parks and chimpanzee tracking at Kibale Forest – a safari experience unlike any other safari trips one would encounter.

Tanzania Migration Safari – Earth’s Greatest Wildlife Show | 3 - 12 Aug 2019
From HK$99,800/Adult
8 days | Small Group Departures | 03 - 12 Aug 2019
From HK$99,800/Adult
The millions of wildebeest along with hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelles crossing the great African plains and mighty rivers, attended by super predators lions, leopards, cheetahs & hyenas is one of the greatest wildlife shows on earth. Extension to gorilla & chimpanzee tracking in Uganda can be easily arranged.